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Default Re: 7.1 surround not working

I can't help with Sony-specific issues, however here are some things to verify that you've already done:

Is there a Zone 2 setting that is redirecting 2 channels elsewhere?

Ensure the material you're playing is actually emitting 5.1 and 7.1 sound - a lot of material isn't 5.1 and very little is truly 7.1

Channel-indicator-lights may be not working - swap a few "known" working channels to all 7 speaker connections - prove that the wiring to all 7 speakers has no issues

If it's an integrated receiver skip thes next step and go to the end:

If it is an SSP and you have separate amps, repeat speaker verification process with amp channels - prove that each channel is working properly by taking a "known" working input and getting sound through to each of the 7 speaker/amp channels
Also prove your interconnects are working - take them out of the trouble-shooting loop by process of elimination - testing each on a known working speaker/amp channel

If you've done all this - you have verified that
the speaker wiring has no issues,
Interconnects / amp channels have no issues
by process of elimination you have proved that it either is a setting within the unit or (for integrated receiver) an amp/channel within the unit
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