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Default Re: best system for senior classical music listener

Originally Posted by Nastarana View Post
I am now retired and would like to enjoy my classical CD and LP collection. I have spent a lifetime listening on inferior equipment.

I know almost nothing about the new components that are now in the market. I can spend up to about $5-6000 for all components. I would like to be able to listen to CDs and LPs on equipment which is not too demanding to use, offers the best possible sound quality for the budget and is likely to last a long time. I do not want to have to replace components anytime soon.

Sound quality is the priority for classical music. Even someone with an average ear for music, like me, can tell the difference between good, indifferent and excellent sound quality.

I am also considering buying the new Cowon S9 MP3 player. I have never owned an MP3.

My system will need to play CDs, LPs, and let me hook up the MP3 player with the best sound possible for the budget. I don't think I need surround sound (do I?). I don't plan to convert CDs to audio files. Hooking up a TV or other video or DVD player is not a priority.

Whiat kinds of components do I need, and what are the best in my price range?

I would be most grateful for, and will diligently research, all suggestions.
You will get terrible reproduction from an mp3 player and I wouldn't even consider it. You need an array of speakers so that all instruments can be recognized and a good subwoofer. I recommend Infinity's but I am prejudiced. I bought all my infinity's before they made the big change to a different type of speaker, but they have always put out quality equipment. I have 12 speaker system and you can hear every instrument just as if they were right in my room and completely realistic. You have to be careful with classical recordings because many were recorded quite poorly and nothing will make them better. You can only give out as good as you get. Many of my guests are shocked at how you can hear everything and nothing is lost in the reproduction. The old way, the subwoofers overpowered the other sound being put out. Now you can balance them better so that you can hear everything realistically. My favorite is still the Nutcracker just because it appeals to my heart and I have a really good recording of it. You will be surprised how bad a bad recording sounds on good equipment. One of my favorite newer groups is the Temptations and I have yet to find a good recording of them. But with today's technology, Many artists sound like they are right in the room with you. I highly recommend Chris Spheeris of New Age genre.
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