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Default Re: best system for senior classical music listener

Odd that no one has mentioned this, but I will. The good news is you're retired (yay!) and have disposable income to devote to your musical life. The bad news is, you lost 20% - 40% of your hearing accuracy since you were 30. While it may not seem that you hear any differently, rest assured that the more you spend on high-fidelity equipment the less you'll get out of them.

I'm sure I will take flak from others in the forum, but you should be aware that nuance in many frequencies, primarily treble, are lost to those with even mildly diminished hearing. Many older people can't even hear sound above 15,000 hz, and that's the limit of FM radio. Thus you have to really think carefully about whether it's worth $2,000 for a pair of speakers or $3,000 for a turntable, for example, that wouldn't sound better than your basic on-air program. Like many expensive toys (sports cars, flying lessons, audio gear), the young are much more capable of appreciating the high end than the old since they have better reflexes and more acute senses, even if they can rarely afford them. It's true that it sucks getting old!

I'd suggest you spend an afternoon at your doctor's office getting a basic audiology test, and see how good your hearing is. Then you can decide on a budget that will equal what you can actually appreciate. Could save you thousands of dollars!

Good luck, EricO
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