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Cool Re: Price vs. Performance

For me Cars & speakers are in the same catagory, Most bang for the buck!!

I live in the real world & on a Firefighters salary, while I read the Perfect Vision & the Absolute Sound as well as magazines with exotic cars there is no way I can swing a 6 figure price tag on either cars or speakers!

That doesn't mean I cheap out on my toys though, I buy the best I can afford & get the best bang for my buck.

In Speakers that's been Paragidm, in 1994 I bought my first 5.1 system, I hated what the "Big Box" stores had so I went to some of the high end dealers to see what they had.
Here I found my biggest complaint with the "high end" when I told them my budget of $1000 ( which was a bunch of money to me 13 years ago) I was actually told in 2 stores that was not enough money & suggested I try Sears!
I finally found a shop that didn't look down on me because of my price range & was shown the Paradigms & purchased 2 Mini Mk2's 2- Atoms, a CC200 & an unpowered Sub.
These are the same speakers I am still listening to with the exception of the unpowered sub, I replaced that with a Paradigm PDR12.

These speakers have been thru at least 4 recievers, 3 Tv's & many other upgrades to my Home theatre & they still sound great.
I am looking to finally replace them with the Paradigm Reference Studio v4 series, they might be 4 times what I paid for the originals but are Thousands less than comprable speakers from the "Big Boys" but if they last as long & sound as good I'll be happy.

As for cars, exotics are cool but the only place you can really get all the preformance out of them is on a race track & most people will never take their 6 figure cars on a track but many have showed up at the SCCA Autocross tracks I race on, 911's, 348's Z06's etc have all fallen prey to my backyard built mid engine VOLKSWAGEN!!

At around $10K my restored 1969 Autodynamics Deserter GS is cheaper than some of these cars tire bills but it smokes them all just the same!
That's what I call bang for the buck!

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