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Default Re: best system for senior classical music listener

Going back ten years and more, Def Tech (Definitive Technology) speakers were darn good bang-for-the-buck home theater speakers. They played loud, they played deep, and a mid-treble lift gave exciting presence to movie soundtracks. As you might guess they were also exciting on rock music and jazz. However, the words refined and neutral do not spring immediately to mind when describing their performance. But, hey, maybe that leopard changed its spots, who knows?

The only hi-fi dealer in New England I know is Roberts Audio in New London, Connecticut. We were travelling in our motorhome and we couldn't stand the sound of the cheap car audio system that was included. We found a car audio place selling Alpine and purchased a decent deck (the "source" is important, remember?). Then Roberts audio let us audition a few small speakers, and we settled on a little pair of B&Ws. From the CDs we played, they knew we were classical music lovers. They gave us a very modest discount and encouraged us to use the money saved to attend the opening night concert of the East Connecticut Symphony there in New London. We drove up the street and purchased tickets right away. They played a good program and the highlight was the Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 which has never been a favorite of ours. Quite simply, it was marvellous! If you ever get over that way give them a listen.
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