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Default Re: What are your most-desired unreleased HD DVD titles?


You all keep going back to porn to win this war.

It is already out!

Vivid has a film in Blu-ray, and plans many more releases in Blu-ray only for now.

Vivid's Steve Hirsch On Adult HDTV

I personally have some HD DVD porn, the unfortunate thing is like Jerry says, it's pretty lame porn. Now if Vivid drops the entire catalog onto a high res format, maybe that would help, but after viewing some porn on a 70" 1080p set on my Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD player I can say maybe porn should stay SD..... You get a few too many details that you might not really want!

As far as titles needed, I feel all new releases need to come out in both formats (SD and an HD format, I would like everything in one but the studios have recently gone away from that rather than towards). We also need the classics to be redone and rereleased. Hell, I bought Fifth Element and then a player that included it on Blu-ray. History of the World Part I, Fight Club, American Psycho, hell give me all the old classics in a format that will blow my doors off and I will buy them gladly!

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