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Default Re: best system for senior classical music listener

Don't ship a turntable across the country to New York if you can avoid it. Wait until you settle in somewhere then search for your new system in earnest. I'm sure a good Linn dealer can arrange to get your turntable set up for you, especially if you happen to be buying several components of your new system from him! That's probably not strictly necessary but, again, the idea is to have a setup where the whole is greater, musically speaking, than the sum of its parts. Quantity does not equal quality here, so trust your ears and don't assume you must have big speakers or a zillion watts-per-channel.

I have a rather enjoyable 1958 EMI recording of Rossini's Il Barbiere with Gobi and Callas. During that nice little ditty "Una voce poco fa..." the lady hits a couple of notes which can lay bare a tweeter with an uneven response. On a well regarded large pair of floor-standing speakers costing around $5,000 per pair you could literally hear the tweeter breaking up with unnatural harshness and crackle. The same aria played on a $500 pair of bookshelf B&W speakers had Callas nearly bringing me to my feet with her rendition. Ah, Maria, when you were bad (dare I say frequently?) you were truly awful, and when you were good you were a delight. However, the $1600 Magnepans (MG 1.6 maybe?) actually placed the singers on the stage in front of me. And my old pair of Quad ESLs? Mmm, sheer magic!

OK, enough rambling. You get the idea ...........
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