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Default New Gear advice

Looking for some ideas on adding in new gear to existing sytems. Have basement systems with Onkyo TX-NR 801 with in ceiling polk speakers and Bose Center channel with 5:1 config- used to watch movies, listen to itunes, watch TC. I also have a klipsch sub 10 with the above onkyo system. I also have a outside patio area where I currently have 2 pairs of speakers (not sure of the brand), will be adding 2 more pairs in the near future. So my question and looking for advise is around what else do I need.

-I am thinking about a Niles 4/6 speaker control pices (SSVC model) to hook up the Onkyo amp to the outside speakers only. I want to pump up these speakers while not taking away anything from the interior speakers- IS this the right move and expense of money
- Do I need to consider getting a 2nd amp to drive some of these speakers as well (I was thinking of lower cost Denon)- IS this the right move/expense of money

All thoughts/ideas welcomed
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