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Default Re: Jitter is not audible.

Someone else posted this up and I agree with him.

"I think know the legal term for that." That part made me laugh.

I hate to say it but online forum names can be used by anyone. How many members of various forums have a name based on Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Obama, etc.? There are tons. Yes, it sucks that a person would try to impersonate someone else in a set of online forums but the name they choose is theirs so long as it doesn't go against forum policies. Now, there is an issue if someone is always banned and keeps coming back. A forum troll like that needs to be permanently banned. However, I don't see problems with people that have user names that are similar to celebrities. For example, my user name is kornchild2002. Do you think Korn has ever threatened to come after me simply because they think I am speaking for the band? I understand Steve's frustration but this is something that the forum mods/admins over there need to take care of. Who is to say what user names can be used online? What about e-mail addresses? Once we start getting rid of one user name simply because someone else doesn't like it, what is to stop others from stepping in and demanding that more user names be changed/deleted simply because the names are familiar with their own or with something they are familiar with?
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