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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Heats Up For The Fall

Originally Posted by 1shotstudios View Post
What are you going to do when one of your formats goes under and there isn't any re-sale vaule and you are stuck with it?

All that money goes to waste then you have to buy all your titles all over again in the other format.

That is what really throws caution to wind and makes you think twice about this HD and Blue-Ray format war.

I have rented both formats from Rent-A-Center and both HD-DVD and Blue-Ray play alike and sound alike there is no major difference between the two!

It just doesn't make any sense to me to throw my money away on something that could easly be yesterdays news.
That was one of the main reasons I went with Blu-Ray, all the games made for the Playstation 3 are on Blu-Ray discs, so even if the format doesn't survive I should always have a Playstation that will play my Blu-Rays.
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