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Default Re: OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

Originally Posted by xsavoie View Post
Thanks for the clear explaination between the OPPO BLU-RAY DVD players JazzGuyy.As far as the OPPO BDP-83 SE Special Edition is concerned,if I understand correctly,it would either be made mostly for regular amps systems, especially made to play music such as the source discs coming from regular CD'S and SACD'S with the best results possible.But does this means that AVR'S are not reommended since they might be limited in quality in their analog audio connections capacities.Either way,since it is officially still a BLU-RAY DVD player,and the fact that the HDMI connection is not recommended,does this mean that if someone wants the best results for movie watching on the SE special edition,that the video connection should be put directly from the 83SE to the TV by either the optical or coaxial connection,while the audio part would be connected directly from the 83SE to the amp system for the best audio sound.
As I said, the 83SE is intended for people with older AVRs or preamp/processors. People with such systems (like me) don't have HDMI inputs on their audio gear to make use of. In such situations you have to connect the HDMI video out from the 83 to your TV's HDMI connections. It is not that the HDMI connection is not recommended. If you have a newer AVR or pre/pro with HDMI inputs, then you would use them and the SE version of the 83 would not make sense for you.

There are older AVRs that have good analog audio though not usually the low end ones. Most more recent AVRs and pre/pros are lacking in analog audio quality because they are really meant to be used pretty much exclusively with HDMI connections.
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