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Smile Re: Vote for your favorite HDTV for sports from the list

What can I say, sometimes bigger is better
The thing is a monster but it also has a great picture & when watching sports it's very immersive.
The Grand Prix of Canada was in HD on Fox & wow it looked great, no smearing on the speed shots no jaggies on the fence surrounding the track and so did the US open & NHRA Drag racing & college football on ESPN2 (I'm watching the Tulsa game now.)
It's got that huge picture that while it's not a 108" projector it doesn't require a completely dark room either.

I know I'm biased because I own this set but hey, I wouldn't have shelled out my hard earned cash for it if I didn't think it was the best!
And with the recent price reduction to $5500 it's going to be hard to find anything with this big & great a picture for the price!

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