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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

This “AV” forum is rediculous. Look how they are letting Doug Winsor, who using varoius names has repeatedly been banned over at AVS Forum, post here using my real name “Steve Bruzonsky” and saying things I would never say. And despite my bringing this to the attention of the forum moderator and owners, they have done nothing! Following is my email to them to which I have received no response.

-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Bruzonsky
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 5:26 PM
To: ''
Subject: Audio Video Revolution forums

Dear Sir;

Please immediately delete threads and posts by "Steve Bruzonsky" as this person is impersonating me and posting opinions and information very different from those which I hold.

A few days ago I joined your forum as "stevenjbruzonsky" since the imposter was using name. In past years I have posted at a number of web forums,mostly audio and home theater,always using my real name of "Steve Bruzonsky". I just never got around to posting at your forum. But it came to my attention that an imposter was posting as me at your forum so of course I went to check this out.

Although I am an attorney in real life, audio video has been an extreme hobby for many years. I've posted over at since 1999. I moderated the AVS Special Guests and Tweaks forums over at AVS Forum from 1999 - 2003, bringing in weekly Special Guests from the AV Industry, like Sam Runco, Paul McGowan of PS Audio, Texas Instruments, Vizio when they were only V,Inc., etc, etc (I retired from the moderating hobby fortunately in 2004)
I setup the first few AVS Forum CES Parties. At the first two of these parties, I obtained over 10 grand of merchandise which I gave away each year to forum members who came to the parties. My quotes were in print AV mag ads for PS Audio's P300 Power Plant in 2000 and again for PS Audio's Premier Power Plant in 2007.

If you are interested, here's a lotta info re me and home theater:

I have no doubt that the imposter is Doug Winsor, an alias banned from AVS Forum last year, then allowed to come back, and banned again earlier this year. He has used a number of different monikers and seems each one gets banned eventually.

Being well known in the AV industry has its perks - often wholesale pricing on AV gear. Of course, if the imposter continues this charade,
Folks will start to think he is me, and his opinions are mine. I think know the legal term for that.

Please consider this email as notice for you to take prompt action so that this imposter's libeleous drivel is no longer available on your website(s).
Please ensure this is accomplished within two weeks. Please notify me what action is taken and when.

Steve Bruzonsky
Attorney At Law
Steve Bruzonsky
The Real Not The Fake One
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