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Default OPPO BDP-83 SE - 2 channels audio

Originally Posted by JazzGuyy View Post
I have never heard any of the mega-kilobuck CD or SACD players but the 83SE is the best CD/SACD player I have ever heard. The big difference is the incredible clarity of everything through it. You can easily follow every single instrument on a recording and things normally lost in the mix can be heard. At the extremes, the bass is a hair tighter and at the upper end cymbals sound more like the real thing
All I can say is JazzGuyy is right.

I sold my Chord DAC64 MkII a few months ago and I was supposed to replace it with a McIntosh MCD500 CD/SACD Player.

To make a long story short, cash for the McIntosh MCD500 was not available for the next 6 months and I had to do something because my ears were acking badly with the sound coming out of my Sony CDP-605ESD (1989) without the Chrod DAC64 MKII.

I had read about the excellent reviews of the OPPO BDP-83SE and even a comparison made between the McIntosh MCD500 and the OPPO BDP-83SE and the result were quite good for the OPPO so I gave it a shot.

I received the unit last wednesday and after only of few hours of break-in I can say the sound quality is really there.

Lots of detail in the midrange and high frequency and good presence in the bass.
(to get the best results don't forget to go in the menu and do the setup for 2 channels)

I can say that as soon as you have a good CD Player with excellent DAC's it's easy to sort the good recordings from the bad.

The ultimate test was with the CD Comin' from a Good Place (Sheffield Lab CD-6 10006-2) featuring Harry James ... the orchestra was in my Living room with al their instruments.

Also listening to a Sacred Music on Fidelio CD (THE SEVEN WORDS OF CHRIST , Théodore Dubois - FACD008) was stunning experiment much details in the instruments, chorus, not to mention the outstanding reproduction of the ultra low registery from the organ.

It's the best CD player I have owned yet irregardless of the price tag.

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