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Default Re: OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

Originally Posted by ChiefTK View Post
I look forward to reading your comments after you receive the upgraded unit.
I've been living with it for about 3 weeks now. The sound is at least a couple of cuts above the standard 83 played through analog. I have never heard any of the mega-kilobuck CD or SACD players but the 83SE is the best CD/SACD player I have ever heard. The big difference is the incredible clarity of everything through it. You can easily follow every single instrument on a recording and things normally lost in the mix can be heard. At the extremes, the bass is a hair tighter and at the upper end cymbals sound more like the real thing than I have every heard except from vinyl on a high quality 'table/cartridge combination. If I had know how good it would sound, I would have gladly paid twice the $300 the upgrade cost me.
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