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Default Re: Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.

Originally Posted by AD Wiegert View Post
I found this post googling to find CES coverage of the DX-5.... Now after more research I see what you mean. I've found this exact post by the same person multiple times on every single audio video forum I could find plus some blogs.

Looks like someone is more concerned about trying to tarnish Ayre than with audio. Personal agenda much? Looks like someone needs to get a life.
A typical high end response when someone it trying to educate people about the scam of highend audio.

Originally Posted by AD Wiegert
I've pointed charles towards this thread. Ayre is most definitely a serious company and I'm sure as soon as the units are IN PRODUCTION (as they aren't yet) then audioholics will be able to test a unit.

I'm not sure how one listens with their eyes. I listen with my ears. When I first heard the DX5 I didn't even know that's what I was listening too because the gear was stuffed in the corner and surrounded by people. I didn't even know Ayre had produced it or anything about it. I just sat and listened to music... and it sounded so good I asked afterwards what player they were using... if it was a new R series player because it sounded better than anything they'd produced before... and yes, it sounds better than the SE who's DACs you seem to be stuck on.

You never did answer my question.... if you've ever actually listened to either piece of equipment.
They are in production and one installer off of avsforums has installed a couple already. If ayre is a serious company then they will submit a unit for testing to audioholics and after that test I will support whatever audioholics finds. How was the ayre hooked up to the system you were listening to? Sorry but the ayre runs the DSD1796 BB DAC which is a common DAC that most receivers run and the new SE oppo runs a 32 bit ESS DAC with 4 DAC's per channel in 2 channel mode which far outperformes the ayre. listening is subjective and unless you did a DBT you can not say you listened either.
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