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Default Hooking it all up

I am a AV neophyte and I have a question about how to use my Blu-Ray player, TV and Roku through the receiver or pre/pro. I am in the process of assembling a new HT system. I am buying what I think is pretty nice stuff. My question/quandry is this: Is there a way or a device that will allow me to easily switch from watching TV, a Blu-Ray disc and/or my Roku through the amplifier/pre-pro/speakers and just through my TV? While I am incredibly anxious to watch a blu-ray disc through the whole system, I don't think my eight year old needs all the power, bells and whistles to watch Snow Buddies. I want to be able to watch some movies - whether they be on cable or Roku - through the whole system, but not necessarily the news or old movies? Is that clear as mud?

Anyway, is there a device, maybe like a speaker selector, that will allow me to plug these devices into both my TV and Pre/pro and then select which will provide the sound, or do I simply have to tolerate Wizards of Waverly Place in 150 watts of surround sound?


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