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Default Re: Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.

Originally Posted by AD Wiegert View Post
Fake steve

Majority of people that are going to be buying this player won't be buying it for the video or using the HDMI. Majority of the people who are going to be buying it are buying it for 2 channel audio playback of SACD, BD audio, DVD-A and USB playback of HD master audio files.

Having heard both the DX5 and the Oppo SE I can tell you the Ayre is superior.. even using their DACs. I'm willing to be you've heard neither but are stuck on the 'specs' reading better. And yes... the power supply IS relevant.

I'm pretty sure the Ayre has probably been benchmarked. They don't just toss things together and not benchmark/voice them. You won't find anything published though because it hasn't even started production. There are two pre-production units used at RMAF and CES. Magazines are lining up to get their grubby little hands on production units for testing. You'll see the goods then.
You heard a difference, well then that's all the proof I need. The oppo SE run far better DACs then the ayre so I think you were listening with your eyes as most "audiophiles" do. If ayre is a serious company they would send in a unit to audioholics to have it tested or are they afraid of what happened with the lexicon BD-30?
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