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Default Re: Vintage Speaker Identification

Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
That looks like a really old unit. It may be that it has a 70v line transformer inside. If you could get inside and tap right onto the speaker itself, it is probably an 8 ohm speaker. It would require an amplifier of some sort for sure. What are you using now?
Yep - it is a very old one.. I think that 'inline' idea was correct. There are the two wires connecting the input to the 'power' input as you suggested.. i can't however get right into the system, it has a great big bloody magnet at the back - i cant see a transforner though, infact - all i can see are those wires going straight to the magnet at the back.. thats it - i'm not familiar with audio electronics, or electronics in general.

So how would i connect this thing up? I can quite easily take a line and connect it but like it said - it's very very low. I thought about getting one of this CMOY pocket amplifer - or something very simple and battery operated.. have you any suggestions?

I have the audio source figured, and i can drag a line out from it, so thats ok
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