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Default Too many interconnects

OK. . .my new HT system will feature cablemania. I will be doing my HT video sound via 6 (5.1) analogue interconnects along with a separate pair of interconnects for a dedicated 2-channel audio routing. All going to an NAD T-755 A/V receiver.

No wanting to spend as much for cables as I did for the reciever, I've narrowed my options to those below. I'd like comment from folks that have used the specific items I cite, particularly if you've auditioned or used several cables in this range.

Option A - Use the mixed bag of interconnects I already have: 4 Tara Labs RSC CD, 2 Tara Labs Prism 22 and 2 Audioquest Turquoise. These are all older, "entry-level" audiophile interconnects. I would likely use 2 of the RSC cables for the dedicated 2-channel connections and spread the rest over the 5.1 connections. They are all the same length but of different construction and design. If they were all the same cable I would use them no problem, as the price is right.

Option B - Go to the contemporary equivalent of these cables. . .from Tara, Audioquest or DH Labs. These would appear to be $25-40 each or $200-300 total.

Option C - Buy LC-1 cables at Blue Jeans Cables. I like the transparency of their design and component description, and the color-coded 5.1 set is a good idea. Similar in price to Option B.

Finally, what do folks think about these "subwoofer interconnects?"

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