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Default Re: Samsung Interference/Handshake issues using baluns

I had the exact same problem the original post described but with different equipment. In a new home I had a Denon 1910 installed in the basement with HDMI over CAT6 to a Sony 52 inch XBR 9 using Snap AV baluns that are powered at the TV end of the system, not at the Denon. Electrical activity such as light switches on and off or the fridge going on and off caused the audio and video signal to cut out for a few seconds. I researched this on the internet a bit and found this problem described on a number of forums especially with Denons and Onkyo but none of them seemed to offer any solutions.

We thought it might be high voltage near the Cat6 so we plugged in the equipment via an electrical plug and ran new Cat6 up the stairs. It still cut out. I replaced the Denon 1910 with a Denon 2310. No better. I exchanged emails with Denon who said they had heard of this problem before with the baluns we were using and suggested we use more expensive baluns. My av guy had a theory that perhaps the denon was sensitive to fluctuations in the electrical system and that might be fixed by using baluns that are pwoered at the Denon end of things instead of at the TV. So we replaced the Snap baluns with Audio Control baluns that are powered at the Denon end of the chain.

Problem fixed.
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