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Having just returned from CES 2010, I learned that the new generation of plasmas may actually consume less energy than equivalent sized LCDs. Peak consumption may be higher on plasma, but there is greater variation with much lower dips in consumption, while LCDs are more steady in consumption. Samsung had a pair of panels setup with watt meters on each and the
plasma would vary from about 28 watts to 180 watts while the LCD varied from 80 to 160 and had a consistently higher average reading.
Contrast ratio is vastly more significant in terms of picture quality than maximum brightness IMO and off axis viewing on plasma is
vastly superior. I still have not seen an LCD that comes close to my Elite PRO141FD plasma-RIP.
Several manufacturers are now using Pioneer's system of bonding the plasma cells to the front glass with no space between
and in the next generation or so, will likely catch up to what Pioneer had in their last year of manufacturing plasma.
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