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Default "Steve Bruzonsky" is an Imposter

Folks, just to let you know.

I've posted over at since 1999.

I moderated the AVS Special Guests and Tweaks forums over at AVS Forum from 1999 - 2003, bringing in weekly Special Guests from the AV Industry, like Sam Runco, Paul McGowan of PS Audio, Texas Instruments, Vizio when they were only V,Inc., etc, etc (I retired from the moderating hobby fortunately in 2004)

I setup the first few AVS Forum CES Parties. At the first two of these parties, I obtained over 10 grand of merchandise which I gave away each year to forum members who came to the parties.

My quotes were in print AV mag ads for PS Audio's P300 Power Plant in 2000 and again for PS Audio's Premier Power Plant in 2007. These were actually me, not Doug Winsor.

And Doug Winsor, not his real name, and who has used many aliases to post on web AV forums, is now using MY name, "Steve Bruzonsky", at this forum. What a travesty! And totally misrepresenting my opinions and experiences with high end audio and video.

The Administrator of this forum refused to take action a few days ago when I PMed him, saying how does he know I'm the real one.

Al the guy has to do is call my law office and talk to me. But he's not interested.

AV stuff is just a hobby. I make my living doing guess what? You'd think the Administrator would show some interest.
I'm sure he will once he gets his papers.

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