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Default BOSE 901 hokup

Hello. I have a Sony STR-DE685 receiver with JBL surround, sub and ctr speakers and I inherited a new pair of Bose 901s (w/ assoc equalizer) that I would also like to use as front speakers. As per the owner's manual, the equalizer is to be hooked up to my TAPE in/out jacks and I turn the equalizer on using the TAPE MONITOR button. The problem is I have no such button (but I do have the TAPE in/out jacks). I called Sony and they are clueless as to why I have to do such a thing (and I am wondering if they are on to something). Iis there any way to make this configuration work? I also have an old Bose receiver that has all the right ins and outs and buttons, but the thing is almost older than me and I want to use my more up-to-date Sony surround system with all the digital "stuff". I have no PRE-AMP/MAIN AMP jacks to work with on either receiver. Can I hook the 2 receivers up to make this work, or should I buy a seperate amplifer, or get a new receiver.....???? I see other people with similar problems with 901s but I have not seen anything that would help me so far. Thanks for any advise.
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