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Default micro projector - better than I thought it would be (review)

Ok...So I have my home theater set up already and I think its pretty decent for my paycheck. I bought this aaxa m1 as more of a toy than anything (something to play movies with while i'm out camping or whatever as well as for presentations). Anyways, I am very pleasantly surprised at what this. I've had friends own big projector units as well as these pico projector units but I never found a liking to either. The big ones burn bulbs and the bulbs themselves cost as much as the little ones. The little ones aren't even toys.

I know that i can use it as a dual monitor for my laptop and the specs are supposed to be pretty decent


So.. I read some decent things about this and pretty much pulled the trigger for 300 bucks... I don't really know what to say but i have pictures.

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