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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by DaveLadely
However, cartidges, preamps, amps, and speakers are pretty much limited to A-B comparisons, and even that is difficult since few, if any, audio video stores carry enough btands to be able to audition equipment side by side to compare one with another.
Not only that, but some people do like the equipment to color the entire sound, such as "warm" vs "cold" sounding equipment vs. trying to choose as neutral a sound as possible, and even that is subjective.
The whole warm and cold argument is pure speculation and in a DBT one would not be able to tell?

Originally Posted by Daniel-a
So the nominees for the 2009 Golden-Troll-Award are...:
So far I am the only person who has provided objective information to support my claims, which would make every high end suporter in this thread a troll.

Originally Posted by stevenjbruzonsky
Steve Bruzonsky who started this thread is no doubt really Doug Winsor, banned many times from AVS Forum.
How do I know? I am the real Steve Bruzonsky!!!!

Moderator, please delete all of the false posts by "Steve Bruzonsky" because they are not me. I moderated the AVS Special Guests Forum at www.avsforum back 1999 - 2004. I am very well known among AV types. I am an attorney in real life.
And please ban the fake "Steve Bruzonsky" and his IP Address from the forum. Thanks.
So you are the only Steve Bruzonsky in the world? How is that HDMI upgrade coming with your CBIII? Even you steve can not support the new compli blu err I mean oppo.

Originally Posted by DaveLadely
Apparently your real name is Doug Winsor, who is banned from this forum.

So, you are a fraud, and your comments are not worth any consideration.

Provide some objective information that would support this difference in sound quality.
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