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Default Re: What concert video do you most want to see on HD DVD?

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
Dude... don't get me wrong, I was heavy into jazz too... and was VERY into going to a variety of live performances.

At 19 years old, I walked up 7 flights of stairs in an old run-down jazz club in Detroit... and was totally mezmorized by the Herbie Han**** Sextant... and sat on the floor all night, right in front of Bennie Maupin and his bass clarinet.

At Baker's Keyboard lounge , I sat right near Stanley Clarke, as Chick Corea debuted the material from the first Return To Forever album... and it was friggin' amazing, with Joe Farrell AND Airto, about 10 feet away.

And I saw Miles Davis's last performance before he passed a few weeks later... impossible to put into words.

And the most amazing "musicianship" that I've ever sat in front of, was OREGON, with Ralph Towner...easily my all-time favorite jazz/new age "musical magicians."

But from a "showmanship" stand-point (ie. visibly entertaining on HDTV) I ranked ELP #1, simply because the three of them were all outstanding stage performers (in addition to being virtuosos musicians.)

Rock on...and JAZZ on.


PS: I also studied Classical in college... if somebody wants to also toss that genre into the conversation.
Alright!!!!!!!! Bennie Maupin, Herbie, Chick, that must have been awesome. A friend of mine was also into Yes and ELP. I can`t remember which of the ELP albums it was, but I did like it. Unfortunately, I never picked it up. Same with Yes. But, and I`m assuming now, there must have been some other influences besides rock, that pulled me in.
I also saw "Chicago" at Avery Fisher Hall, which was great. I`m a ex- sax player (tenor) and was thrilled with their horn section.

Now David, this is the music I would like to see on SACD/DVD - A, HD, but, I doubt we`ll see Chick, Stanley, or Herbie in the near future. Or at all.
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