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Default Re: Marantz vs Rotel vs Anthem

Originally Posted by graniterocks View Post
Finally calibrated my Anthen D2V with the ARC. This is by far the best room correction soft ware that I have ever heard. Seemless transition from speakers to sub both in movies and in two channel it far surpassed my expectations. This is the first time I have heard a room correction good enough to leave on in two channel. (I have an awesome room, so most of the time room correction sounds worse) Audessy is pre-school level compared to the ARC software.

I have heard a ton of pre pros over the last 5 years (pretty much everything but the Theta gear) and the Anthem really lives up to its repuation. I haven't played around with the video much yet. Just using it as a pass through to my Runco RS-1100. I'm more of an audiophile than videophile anyway.
I too run an Anthem D2 with a Runco RS-1100. The ARC software (which by the way only will work based on the serial number of the specific anthem D2 you have) really helps creates a more open soundfield. (Which I know is very subjective statement)

To get the latest Dolby True HD/Master Audio 7.1 decoding in the D2 however you will need a factory upgrade.
I have talked with the techs at Anthem. The new upgrade essentially replaces the unit as it involves an entirely new video processing section. Bottom line the upgrade (which still doesn't include HD radio) will cost $4500!

I was looking for just the ability for the D2 to handle the new audio codecs, as I am perfectly satisfied with the Gennum video processing in the unit. The Anthem techs told me to use LPCM over HDMI, and I would "get everything these lossless new formats offer, by using the power of the Anthem's processing". That of course is not an accurate statement!

I Know that I can use the D2's analog inputs, letting my blue ray do the processing (Oppo BDP83), which would work. In doing so I would no longer have the ARC improvements that made the room come alive...

It goes a little further. I used a Blue ray audio test disk that came with the player. When I go through any digital input (HDMI/SPDIF) the test disk shows that the R&L surrounds, and the R&L backs are linked together in a 5.1 surround system format, and I can not check their levels individually (I didn't intend to change them as the ARC is a much better way to set them, but just wanted t ocheck how they came through from a player).

Bottom line, it appears as though I have been listening to 5.1 surround in the 7.1 system the entire time I have owned the D2!

2 months ago when I last talked to them Anthem said they are working on the new production models, so I should "hold off sending your unit in for an upgrade at this time". I checked with my local dealer earlier in December who confirmed this.

So much for support on these newer codecs and even HD radio! (I purchased a separate receiver to handle HD)

At this point I am contemplating selling my D2, and either ordering a new D2v (as it won't cost me more figuring I can get a good price on the D2), or go with another manufacturer's unit, one that can more easily be updated. I hesitate doing the latter, as I am very happy with the D2's overall sound, but I don't feel comfortable with their support, as far as upgrades go. I expect a little more support for owners of a unit of this price...

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