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Smile Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by Steve Bruzonsky View Post
Typical high end discussion, do you as a high end believer have any objective information that would back up claims about audio quality?
I don't see myself as a "high end believer" and never did. I do have a lot more confidence in double blind tests when appropriate and when done properly. Such as with cables and speaker wires. I think that DBTs have proven themselves since the Enlightenment triumphed over the Dark Ages proliferation of purely subjective thinking. I am not much of a "believer" anyway. That implies an ompinion derived from little or no evidence, no proof, but defended vigorously due mostly insecurities

However, cartidges, preamps, amps, and speakers are pretty much limited to A-B comparisons, and even that is difficult since few, if any, audio video stores carry enough btands to be able to audition equipment side by side to compare one with another.
Not only that, but some people do like the equipment to color the entire sound, such as "warm" vs "cold" sounding equipment vs. trying to choose as neutral a sound as possible, and even that is subjective.

I am not a person who is elitist about brands or prices. for exampley, I buy monoprice and Blue Jeans cables (BJ as they will provide custom lengths and colors at no extra charge and are excellent quality at a non elitist price). Also, neiter use names of Greek gods, etc. to up the ante on price and try to allude to almost spiritual sound quaalities.

I believe a lot of equipment is over priced for what you get, and, too often, a piece of equipment may cost far more than another with less quailty sound.

Without A-B comparitons, however, the choice is very likely to be purely subjective, like irrational love.
Dave Ladely
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