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Default Re: PS3 Blu-ray games

Originally Posted by mogode15 View Post
Hey PS3 folks, have a question for a friend of mine.

He has bought a PS3 (120 GB) from the US and is planning to bring it to India.
The box mentions that is it an NTSC console. However all the games he has bought from there are BlueRay.

Are all the PS3 games available in only BlueRay? If so does that mean the game discs we buy in India will also play on his console? Or are they encoded as PAL?

My understanding (which may be incorrect) is that the discs are either NTSC/ PAL / BlueRay so if they are BlueRay then it should work on any console (India or US). Is this correct or am totally off?
Yes all PS3 games are on Blu-Ray & as far as I know they should work, I have imported games from Europe (which uses PAL) & they play with no problems in my North American (NTSC) PS3.
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