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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

I just joined this forum this evening (1-5-10). I am not replying to another post. I jumped right in so I could post, not having "lurked" to examine previous posts. I would like to explain my situation and ask for advice from those with experience. I am contemplating the purchase of my first hdtv. I am thinking of going with the plasma technology. In particular, I am interested in either the "G" or "V" series Panasonic models in 50". I am leaning toward the more expensive "V" model because I have read that it has smoother movie displays. I hope I am right in believing that what many people say about plasma technology is old news, today's models having lessened past problems. I am a 67-year-old man (a widower, living alone) and am hard-of-hearing. My two hearing aids help considerably but do not make my hearing "normal." Still, I know that viewing a new hdtv requires a speaker system that goes far beyond what can possibly be inside one of these flat panels. I have spent many hours on the 'net trying to get information. I decided this is my best approach; to ask those who have such tvs and understand the importance of a good speaker system to enjoy blu ray movies as well as high definition programing (especially sports). So, the more I have learned the more expensive this contemplated upgrade in my viewing pleasure becomes! I live in a trailer (modular home, if you will) and I am thinking in terms of a five-speaker system with a subwoofer, not surround sound. The living room adjoins the kitchen--a straight-through situation. Please forgive such a long initial post. If I do end up getting a system I will share my thoughts about it on this forum, though, being hearing impaired, my impression of the sound quality won't count for much. I look forward to having my son and daughter-in-law over to check it all out. If I moved quickly, maybe a Super Bowl party with them! In any case I wish to thank all who might offer their thoughts on just which way I should go. I am not wealthy but may indulge myself in a decent system. When I am not riding my middle-weight sport motorcycle (come on, April! -- eastern PA and freezing right now) I can enjoy watching the Phillies and selections from the blu ray library I could put together. Thanks again for your help. I used Oklahoma as my user name because I enjoy that kind of movie and music.

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