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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Thanx, Dave. I always wondered how anyone could actually ask thousands of dollars for a 1M stereo cable. I guess if the market will bear it...that's capitalism for you...or greed. On the same track (since you brought up Mr. Carver & his products),
I was always curious when I saw exorbitantly-priced components: I saw a set of speakers that retailed for $107,000.00, or a $100,000.00 amplifier, & that seemed way out there, even with the highest-quality parts & construction. Somewhere in between "cheap crap" & "way out there" are high-quality, great sounding components.
Someone posted that the actual improvement in sound quality is not related to increase in price: after a certain point, you may get a certain amount of (perceived) improvement in sound, but whether or not it's worth the extra money is the question.
You may get a small increase in performance for twice or three times the price. (Again, after a certain point.)
Maybe I'm not really qualified to expound on this, having just gotten back into the audio thing after a while, but the whole cable discussion kinda brought it out.
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