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Default Re: What cables do you use?

I'm really happy you are enjoying your sane choice of Blue Jeans cables. They are a very honorable, non-bs, non-hype company. They are quite open about the marketing bs being done on gullible, easily influenced, insecure, electronically ignorant but trusting audiophiles. Marketing of cables is pushy, for the same reason that extended warranties are pushed - a high profit item. I recently purchased some fine cables from, very good quality at a non riipoff price. The US is all about profit, greed, upmanship - I hope the economic woes have revealed these false values that are the root cause of our country's predicament.
Instead of being thoroughly conned by the high priced cable purveyors, the money saved should be spent on better speakers, where the improvement actually exists - and obviously so!!! Speakers are well known to be the most responsive to improvement, so why are so many led astray?
By the way, my old friend Bob Carver has been designing and building some very fine tube amplifiers that he has been selling on Ebay. After selling Sunfire, he has the freedom to pursue his first love, building sweet sounding tube amplifiers at a non-elite, non profiteering price.
Dave Ladely
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