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Default Re: What cables do you use?

I started out years ago beleiving cables couldn't make a difference, especially power cords. I used what was around, some Monster stuff, but nothing to remember.

Then, as my system progressed in level one day I sat down and had a long talk with an EE who completely disagreed with me and argued power cords should make a significant change in performance of a product. I bought my first PS Audio PC and tried it on my amps and sources. At the time I was using Linn amps which are pretty immune to PC's, so the difference wasn't much, but when I put them onto some digital sources, they smoothed out the harshness in the upper end of CD's....

A long trip in a short story, I even have upgraded PC's on my cable box now! Many are PS Audio still, though there's an Audience Au24 in there as well. Being so happy with PC upgrades, I ran through several cables. I found a reasonable performance/price for PS Audio statements and they were often available for 1/2 price new as they were due to be discontinued, so I bought a bunch of them and enjoyed them for several years. I still use them for some duties as I just can't seem to sell any gear until I run out of room to store it in anymore.

Last year I got Transparent Reference balanced IC's and speaker wires for the front three in my HT and I must say, the change was more than I expected in a very positive way. The sound simply opened up, instruments had better placement and more air around them, it was just amazing. When the system gets done (like that will ever happen) I will need to wire the rears with them as well!

Oh and rework the power treatment and possibly PC's as well....

Yes, I know, I have a problem.....
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