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Default home theater system w. outdoor speakers?

Everything started when I purchased my new 55 inch Vizio. For the holidays, my wife purchased the Phillips HTS8100 soundbar. Being a person who has to have “better technology”, we returned the soundbar. Now I’m on my quest to find my new home theater system.

I have spent the better part of the past 24 hour researching to find a best system for my budget. Once question that I can’t seem to figure out is can I setup my home theater system and also have outdoor speakers hooked up? I wasn’t sure if I would use an A/V Source Switcher or not.

Details & Goals
Out downstairs family room leads right out to a patio that is cover by a 12ftx12ft second level deck. My goal is to run speaker wire from the receiver down into the crawl space and then outside. I was thinking of mounting speakers from the deck.
Inside, I have the 55inch TV, Xbox, and Wii and looking to add the other components. I’m streaming Netflix from the Xbox so want that to be maximized as well. I do not have an expert ear so I’m good for something that is good quality. I also would like to add a PC or have my system integrated with my network as I have a ton or digital music available as well.
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