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Default Re: equipment rack for dream system

Middle Atlantic rack prices really aren't that expensive. You'd be surprised. They also have an A/V rack for just about any application.

in-wall rackmounts (all 19 inch):

SRSR - rotates for rear access
AXS - slides out for rear access (AX-SXR rotates 90)

SRS - mounts in a cabinet or entertainment center
REB - ditto (for smaller systems)

For stand alone rack enclosures I'd probably say go for either the Slim 5 for a cheaper open frame rack, or the WR roll out rotating series for a more robust system.

You can't really go wrong, plus they have an enormous amount of clever integrated options for power, cooling (IE: CAB-COOL), cable management, filler/vent panels they are the only ones that will do a custom faceplate for pretty much any A/V component

I got my SRSR-4-28 and accessories from custom av rack. They were very helpful and knowledgable, and the turn-around was hellafast, pricing good etc..
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