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Default Re: Blu-ray 3D Disc Specification Finalized

Originally Posted by DaveLadely View Post
Well said!
I believe GOOD 3D will be considered as desirable as stereo sound vs. mono sound, even comparable to surround sound vs. mono, since its a visual experience with immediacy.
Of course, women are still giving birth to new nay saying mentalities just as they did to those who said sound movies were a fad, color was a fad, etc. I wonder if those people stuck with silent movies, black and white TVs until their last breath?
dave Ladely
what nay-sayers typically do is finally get into the action when no one is looking, and they keep quiet about their conversion and hope that nobody calls them out.

Rest assured that all of the laserdisc fans where were nay-sayers with the advent of DVD "because they didn't want to buy their movie collections all over again" have probably not spun a 12" platter in years, and have more DVDs than they over owned on LD. The naysayers that said "16x9 anamorphic isn't worth it to me because I plan to keep my 4x3 TV" now all have 16x9 HDTVs and get ****ed when a non-anamorphic DVD on their shelf turns out to be the only way the studio made the film available. The HD DVD enthusiasts who believed that 30 gigs were good enough, that we didn't really need lossless audio and that they'd just enjoy DVD if Blu-ray won out are now collecting blu-ray discs, many of which put 50gigs to very good use.

With time all of the folks complaining that 3-D is a gimmick and a fad will slowly come around once they experience good 3-D, and in just a few years time they'll be enjoying countless 3-D programs on their 3-D display.
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