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I agree with you both, though I am now of the belief most people should have a good universal remote. I personally prefer the Harmony's, so my actual remotes often are untouched.

I do find it ironic that the more a piece of gear costs, the worse the remote is, and while it shows a committment to quality, I must agree with you Andrew, I have some remotes I fear would break a glass table! What are the designers thinking?????

I am waiting for the universal remote world to add RF receivers with RS 232 control. I know Universal has come out with one lately, I am hoping Harmony makes such a device soon. I think this will bring these 'lessor' remotes (compared to the likes of AMX Crestron, Control4...) to a level where they can really compete. Hopefully some of the newer meshed networking systems can also be integrated into these allowing you to easily convert a previously built home to include automation without wiring the whole home......

I'll be hunting CEDIA for just such devices.... I have seen some promising advances in this field, but fear we are still a little ways away.
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