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Default Re: Blu-ray 3D Disc Specification Finalized

There is nothing "niche" about the millions of people who will be enjoying their 3-D version of UP, ToyStory, Corline, and Avatar on their home cinema over the next few years. The reason is that we finally have a 3-D spec that is fully backwards compatible... all 3-D discs will play in 2-D players so folks will begin collecting 3-D software even before they know what it is. There will be legacy means to enjoy (non full-fidelity) 3-D on current systems as with the PS3 as well as full-blown 3-D displays for those who wish to make a larger investement. This means that anyone with a PS3 will be able to enjoy 3-D in some form on their current display depending on their display's capabilities and their preferences. I have a feeling that anyone walking into a best buy seeing a demo of Avatar in 1080p 3-D on a new 3-D set will make it their priority to convince their significant other that their current HDTV needs to get moved to the bedroom to make way for a new 3-D set in the home-theater... as soon as finances permit of course.

most folks, including many skeptcis in HT forums like this, still think of 3-D using those horrible red/blue glasses or from some theme park ride where pies fly out into the crowd. Real 3-D, and tastefully done, simply provides real depth perception to the film, which enhances realism and emotional involvement. UP and Avatar are 2 great examples of 3-D done right, and anyone who's seen them done right can't rightfully think of a flat 2-D version as fully expressing the director's intended experience. as more and more movie enthusiasts experience 3-D done right, their attitude will change. Good 3-D enhances a film in the same way that mutli-channel audio or color brings new expressive tools to the artist's palette.

3-D will not dramatically increase the cost of new hardware either: the complexity to add 3-D to a 240 Hz LCD TV is basically nothing more than HDMI 1.4 and the abiltiy to sync with LCD glasses... the cost of 3-D displays will not be insurmountable even for "that sounds sort of cool" consumers who aren't 3-D diehards who are in the market for a new television or 3-D player.

Now that the spec if finalized, rest assured that 3-D is coming to sports. It won't be surprizing if this upcoming Olympics is presented in 3-D 1080p. Sports will usher in a whole new group of 3-D consumers as well.

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