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Default Large Advent guy looking for advice

Hi, I am new to the forum and see there are a lot of good ideas floating around out there.

My specific situation is that I have been listening to two pairs of large Advents produced in the early 70's. These are powered through a new McIntosh MA 6300 intergated amp. I have had the speakers for about 35 years and just feel it is time.

The Advents have great base response but I suspect that I am not getting all of the detail, sound stage, and high frequency response that is out there.

I have listened to Snell J7's in my listening room and they provide much better detail and soundstage. However the lack of bass makes them sound a little but "thin" to me and I would prefer to not invest in a sub woofer.
I actually like the Klipsch horn sound but feel their RF series lack mid range coloration. The Paradigm products I have heard seem to have much better timbre but sound a little bit veiled to me.

A reviewer form Affordable Audio has suggetsed that I audition the Vandersteen C series before buying anything.

Other speakers on the current short list include Sierra 1's and JMPS 626R's.

Any advice out there in the $1000 to $2000 a pair range?

And what does anyone know about the Vandersteens?

Please and thanks!
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