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If there is one thing I CAN NOT stand it's when companies roll out product after product with sub standard remotes. At the end of the day, the remote is the one aspect of the product we're going to spend the most time with so wouldn't logic state that it be better than a paper weight? All to often remotes seem like an after thought, or worse, their designed completely in the computer then put into production never touching human hands. Seriously, there are remotes out there that defy logic not to mention common sense. I've encountered some remotes where their only purpose seems to be damaging their surroundings for they weight as much as a small dog.

Manufacterers, if you're not going to stop making horrible remotes at the very least please light them up. Or maybe you don't include back lighting so that consumers never get a chance to see how stupid of a design the remote really is.


Clearly, I super critical about remotes.
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