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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Dave, who am I to argue with a believer?

My experience made me an unbeliever. I now prefer to trust my own ears.

I don't need DBT and I don't believe in them anymore.

Trusting my ears, I found that...

I like some Simaudio amp, but there are other Simaudio that I don't.

Same thing with Bryston.

I liked Conrad Johnson premier component but the others left me cold.

I never found a Mark Levinson that I didn't llike.

My Oracle is better than all the turntable that I used to have, no contest.
Its sound could be caompared to Linn Sondek. However, the Oracle is much more beautiful

I like most Martin Logan Loudspeakers but there are some that I wouldn't like to have.

My clearaudio is better than my former grado that was close to my former grace f9e.

I used to have a Magnum Dynalab ft-101A. I never listened to another tuner able to produce such lovely sound.

Are they the best product out there?
I don't think so. If I want something better, I will again trust my own ears, not the saleman, not the reviewer, not even the believer. I know better than to believe in anything.

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