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Default Must Own DVD/Bluray Concerts

I was walking through Best Big Box today with my 18 month old son. We had to get an extra Wii remote for Christmas. I was kind of looking through the aisles for a new Concert DVD to purchase, but nothing really stood out. The music section was very unorganized so it wasn't that easy to search for content especially with the little guy running all over the place.

I would love to see what people recommend. I'm talking Bluray or DVD concerts with good audio recordings. Video quality is a plus, but I can put up with poor video as long as the recording is good.

Here's a list of my favorites, but I would love to add to it.

Diana Krall Live in Paris- DVD- not sure if Bluray is out yet? (Excellent)
Alison Krause and Union Station Live- DVD (Excellent)
Dispatch Zimbabwe- Bluray- Dispatch has two other DVDs that are poor quality, but if you like this band they are worth owning
ACDC Live at Donnington- DVD (great if you love AC/DC)
Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds at RC- Bluray
Eagles- Hell Freezes Over- DVD
Santana- Supernatural - DVD
Dixie Chicks DVD- it's my wifes, but the audio is pretty good, not bad
Jason Mraz-A beatiful mess DVD-- got it for a gift, it is suprisingly good, his band is awesome
John Mayer - Where the light is DVD- The dude can play a little blues (Excellent)
Neil Young Heart of Gold- DVD
John Mayal 70th Birthday DVD- some good guitar in this one, If I remember correctly on DTS there is no center track, only works on dolby.

Here are some others that I own, but really don't play that much.

Jimi Plays Berkely DVD-
Bob Marley Legend DVD
John Mayer- Any Given Thurs. DVD
The Police sychronicty concert DVD
Led Zepplin DVD- Liked it at first, probably worth owning, but I wasn't mesmerized by it
Yes Symphonic Live- DVD-
John Fogerty in Concert DVD
Pink Floyd Pulse DVD- need to watch that one a little more- not sure if I have even watched it the whole way through
Eric Clapton - Unplugged DVD

Thanks for any suggestions!

Happy Holidays


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