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Default Re: What concert video do you most want to see on HD DVD?

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
One of the few advantages of being over 50, is that I was able to see some of the best musicians ever, performing live and in their prime... in the late 60's, early 70's.

I was front-row center when Jimmy Page's wild-flinging violin bow almost hit me in the head... I literally fell out of my seat when Pink Floyd fired off a REAL cannon in the middle of One Of These Days... and I almost fell out of the balcony of the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, when Carl Palmer unloaded the most impressive drum solo I have ever seen.

And #1 on my list for a new HD-DVD with Hi-Rez 5.1 audio, is the 1974 California Jam by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Keith Emerson riding his enormous Hammond keyboard around the stage...Palmer's extremely swift and creative drum riffs... plus Greg Lake's voice in his prime... those were the days!

I'd love to re-live that performance with perfect video and audio clarity... and maybe this time, without the drugs.

You know David, I don`t know how we did meet back in the day. Because certainly, live concerts and shows were great back in our time. Probably, since we listen to different types of music, we didn`t hook up!
But, one of the best live shows I saw, was at the infamous, now unfortunately shutdown (due to moneys owed) was at "The Bottom Line" in the Village here in New York, on west 4th street and Mercer. Grover Washington Jr. at his young, and firey days with CTI records. Sideman, Eric Gale on guitar, Gary King on bass, Idris Muhammed on drums with Lenny White (yes from Return to Forever on some songs!), Bob James on keyboards. The tightest, funkiest, baddest, jazz musicians right in front of your face. Lenny White`s drum solo had so much impact, I thought his hands were going to fall off!! I`d love to see this on dvd. In fact, its amazing to me, that with all the great musicians that played there, why recordings were not made.
They recorded at the Village Vanguard?
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