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Talking Re: Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

I've owned several "Universal" remotes from Radio Shack specials to Sony's RMAX 4000, the ease of use ranged from barely acceptable to just OK & user friendly wasn't even a factor!!

A couple of them were susposed able to use "Macros", I say susposed because I could never figure out how to set them up.
After trying for weeks to make the Sony do what I wanted I went back to the dealer to ask questions, I was told for $200 (which was more than I paid for it) they would set it up for me....I passed!
I eventually used it like all the other remotes, push the reciever button & choose the input, push the TV button & turn it on & choose an input, choose the DirecTV button & choose a channel, then go back to reciever to change the volume, not exactly what I wanted but I did only have 1 remote now & I did eventually figgure out how to put descrete input codes for my TV on it.

When the buttons started sticking & needing multiple pushes I decided to replace it, I actually thought about getting another Sony remote because I "knew" how to use them, after doing some research I decided to give the Harmony 880 a try.

I fully expected to just use the devive settings just like the Sony because I didn't think I could setup the activities.
After getting all my devices in it I thought what the Hell lets give it a shot, after a little while the thing actually worked, I was amazed!

Click watch DirecTV & the TV turns on & goes to the correct input, the reciever goes to the correct input, I can change channels & have acess to the menu, guide & everything else on my DirecTV HR20 & can control the volume on my reciever, in other words it works exactly like it's susposed to!!

I did have to call Harmony once when I got stuck but they fixed me up quickly.

The only thing I wish the 880 would do is control my PS3 (Blutooth).
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