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Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
a few years ago I wouldn't have agreed with you. my first experience with digital amplification, more specifically ICE amps contained inside B&O loudspeakers, was less than positive. While hugely impressive in terms of sheer output and lack of heat, I found the sound to be rather thin, bright and a bit too "smooth" with a clear lack of weight in the lower regions. Now this may have been more or less a design flaw with the older B&O speaker but never the less this was my experience. Digital amps, to me, were a gimicky thing a toy of sorts that someday, in the hands of the right people, would maybe join the ranks of the traditional amplifier.

Fast forward to today and my new found respect and admiration for all things digital amplification, esspecially in regards to BelCanto's products. The days of thin, bright and glassy sound are over, what's left is nothing but a sort of sonic purity I've only managed to hear reproduced a few times with gear costing tens of thousands of dollars. BelCanto has caused me to rethink my entire system and future systems for that matter.

I've even begun experiementing with other digital amps to see if the sound quality is unique to just BelCanto or if others have managed to 'unlock' the secret. My latest find, and probably the coolest so far has been the Sonic Impact digital amplifer. Oh and it only cost me roughly $50 including shipping. This little (and I mean little) thing is truly impressive. While not BelCanto good or NuForce, for $50 it has no right sounding as good as it does. I'm currently reviewing a BelCanto Integrated amplifier and fellow writer Tom Garcia is working on their mono blocks. Digital amplification is here and here to stay.

My question is, will companies like Levinson or Krell make a run at producing a digital amp? If they did, I sure would like to see, uh-um, hear it. What do you think?
You know, I do agree with you a far as digital amps. I did not take them seriously. But after HE2007, and Bel Canto, I like what I hear. Its good you are testing to see if the sound is unique to Bel Canto. For some reason, I think it is. The Yamaha amp is good that came out last year was good and very small but no match for the Bel Canto.

As far as Krell or Mark Levinson, I can`t see them doing it. Too long believing that their research and technologies are the way to audio purity. In fact, with Krell`s new cost no object amps, I definitely don`t see Dan jumping on the digital band wagon. Though it would be interesting to see what he and Mark would come up with.
What about our favorite, McIntosh? Can you see them going digital? Nah!!!!!!!!
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