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Default Re: OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

Since I use the analog outs into a Lexicon MC-12B, I was very encouraged about the new Oppo BDP-83 Special Edition until I read that the DACs are not audiophile grade, but instead, are cheapo DACs used in entry level players.

Can anyone provide information on this issue based on personal experience with either the Oppo SE unit or the ESS Technology 8-channel Sabre Premier (ES9006) DAC chip for its 7.1 multi-channel output and the 8-channel Sabre32 Ultra (ES9016) DAC chip used for the Left and Right channels.

If these DACs are the high quality audiophile grade claimed by Oppo, this is an easy decision. If not, perhaps it's one I should just pass on.

Thanks for any help.
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