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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

If the troll was serious he wouldn'T use DBT as an argument.

DBT have proved that it was possible to make someone buy lesser and in the long run unsatisfied audio component just because with fast switching people are unable to hear the difference.

I know have been fooled in the past. I was a DBT believer until It proved that my nakamichi cassette deck was no different than a cheap 99$ no name cassette deck. I sold my nak and bought that cheap cassette deck ( It was something like Juliette or Candle).

Being less and less satisfied with that new deck. I ask my brother to lend me his own nak for 2 weeks. ( He was going on vacation).
So I took time to listen cafefully to both. Than I ask My girlfriend to put tapes in one of them. I listened for many hours and I took notes. Latter on, she played the other tape deck. Again I listened for many hours taking notes.

Finally, I compared my notes. One was clearly better than the other. It was my brother's Nak ( the same that I used to have before being fooled buy double blind tests.)

p.s. I was not just taking notes, I was listening to music.
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