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When you talk about making SACD`s, your talking about extracting the best and putting it on wax or cd, for the optimal quality in sound. Which brings me to Telarc. Long before there was cd, Telarc was manufacturing high quality classical recordings on wax. Their recording of the "1812 Overture" was classic, in that it took the very best system, speakers, amps, and record player to reproduce those cannon shots from the "1812." If memory serves, there where only a couple of sytems that could reproduce those albums that were high rez for that day. This was the 1980`s, and Pioneer was hot with the Laserdisc.
That brings me to today, Telarc makes some of the best sounding SACD/Hybrids on the market to date. They represent the SACD format, well.

Has anyone had the same experience with Telarc?
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