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Default Re: Michael Jackson Thriller - the worst sounding SACD ever?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Michael Jackson - Thriller - SACD review on

It dosen't matte that you won't let your kids stay over at the Neverland Ranch anymore - Thriller might be the best pop album of all time. The Quincy Jones production plus Jackson at his peak performance and NO BAD TRACKS - makes for a compelling record.

Somebody at Sony like SACD chief David Kowakami NEEDED to speak up and say this stereo mix wasn't close to good enough. It sounds terrible compared to other records of the era and worse than most other SACDs. Sony Pictures had the same trouble with The Fifth Element on Blu-ray but gave people a revised verion. Thriller is more important than The Fifth Element without question.

How could a record company not mix Thriller in surround? I know the record was mixed in surround by a VERY famous mixing engineer but that mix was never released to consumer. Those who have heard it - say it is OFF THE CHARTS GOOD. Why not make like Microsoft or EA and sell the title over again to the same consumers? I would buy it again if they released it on say Blu-ray in surround? Maybe toss in some of the videos in HD or something. That's something I would spend $20 on NO PROBLEM!!!!!
I can tell, that you are very passionate about this. Like i am about the HD?BLu - Ray format war. I would like this all to happen myself. AIX anyone?
And, considering that Quincy was involved with this project, and the overall success of Thriller, you would figure, this would be a no brainer.

But you know what, I`m not familiar with what the legalities would be, but someone should contact Quincy, he has his own record label, Quest, maybe he could release it on his label. Quincy would probably be up to do something like this. He is a quality guy, and I`m sure Michael would be up to it as well. Maybe, the trick, is to call the artist or his producer.
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